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Shandong Sunrise CNC Machine Co., Ltd

Shandong Sunrise CNC Machine Co., Ltd
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  • CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Combined Machine
  • CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Combined Machine
  • CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Combined Machine
  • CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Combined Machine
  • CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Combined Machine
  • CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Combined Machine

CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Combined Machine

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L/C, T/T
Min. Order:
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Product Attributes

Mẫu số TPPRD104

Supply Ability & Additional Informations

Năng suất200 Sets/Year

Xuất xứ China

Cung cấp khả năng200 Sets/Year

Giấy chứng nhậnGS, ISO 9001

Hình thức thanh toánL/C, T/T

Model NO.: TPPRD104
Power Source: Hydraulic Pressure
Precision: High Precision
Certification: GS, ISO 9001
Condition: New
Trademark: SUNRISE
Transport Package: Plywood Case
Specification: 3700*3200*2600
Origin: China
HS Code: 8462411900
Applicable industry:
Used for punching, drilling and marking of joint plate in the field of iron tower. It is also used to punch, drill and mark of metal plate of other industry.

Product feature:
1. The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding, with good rigidity and big handling space. The machine sets three die-stations (among them, one is the marking die-station), automatic switching die-stations. Clamping system can adapt to different work pieces, with zero baffle as datum mark, and work-piece supported by rolling-ball working table. Axis X & Y action should be controlled by servo motor and ball-screw driving, and double-axis CNC system controls the position of punching, so as to make the whole machining process automatically; operator may input the sizes of work-piece to computer for repeated calling program in the future.
2. Adopt CNC technology, servo motor infeeding, with high efficiency, stable work-piece precision.
3. Important functional components adopt modular assembly, easy to repair it.
4. Carry out punching, marking and drilling on the one plate.
5. Drilling unit has the functions including rapid falling, slow work-feeding and quick feeding back to improve working efficiency.
6. Easy programming, may input the diameter and position of holes to computer, and also may use the program generated by lofting software, or adopt direct conversion CAD/CAM.
7. The hydraulic station adopts double pump, single motor, water cooling system, sleeve type coupling for all pipelines.
8. The X & Y axis are driven by servo motor, ball screw and linear guide, which ensure the high precision.
9. With self-diagnosis failures function.
10. Lighten the working strength of workers.
11. POWER: Three phase four wire systems
   AC Voltage: 380V or 415V for India
   Fluctuation of voltage: ±5%
   Frequency: 50Hz
   Local working temperature: 0-40ºC
Special advantages:
Hydraulic station adopts dual-pump and single motor. Punching speed is faster than other company's, so it is more efficient and improve the workshop ability.
It adopts sleeve-type coupling for all pipelines, which avoid leakage. 

Model TPPD104 TPPRD104
Max size of work piece L×W(mm) 1500×1000 1500×1000
Max. diameter of punching (mm) Φ26 Φ26
Plate thickness of punching (mm) 5~25 (Q235) 5~25 (Q235)
5~20 (Q420)
Max. diameter of drilling (mm) Φ50 Φ50
 Plate thickness of drilling (mm) 40 40
Punching force (kN) 1000 1200
Marking force (kN) 1000 1000
Min. distance between hole and plate edge (mm) Punching 25 25
Drilling Depends on hole diameter Depends on hole diameter
Dimensions of characters (mm) 14×10×19  14×10×19 
Quantity of characters 12 16
Die-stations 3 3
Feeding speed of drilling(mm/min) 25~280 25~280
Stroke of drilling spindle(mm) 180 180
Rotation speed of drilling spindle(r/min) 120~560 120~560
Programming mode Auto CAD or lofting software Auto CAD or lofting software
Overall dimensions  L×W×H (mm) 3200×3000×2600 3700×3200×2600
Weight of machine (kg) Approx.6000 Approx.7400

  Main Components :
NO. Name Manufacturer
Main Electric Components
1 PLC Japan Mitsubishi
2 Main spindle Motor Germany Siemens
3 Main frequency converters Germany Siemens or Rexroth
4 Servo Motor Japan Panasonic
5 Servo Driver
6 Business Computer LCD screen China Lenovo
7 Proximity Switch Normal open AUTONICS
8 Normal close
9 Low-voltage electrical components (switches, buttons, circuit breakers, indicator lights) German SIEMENS
Main Hydraulic Pressure Components
1 Electromagnetic hydraulic Valves Italy ATOS
2 Vane pump America DENISON
Main Pneumatic Components
1 Punching Unit Padding Block Cylinder AIRTAC
2 Magnetic Switch AIRTAC
  If any part model is upgrade or changed, we promise to use same quality level part to replace it.

 Spare parts list :
NO. Name Material Qty. Remark
1 Punch head T10A 12 Ф17.6, Ф21.6, Ф25.6 
2 Cavity die T10A 24 Ф18.7, Ф19.2, Ф22.7, Ф23.2, Ф26.7, Ф27.2 
3 Punch head pole T10A 3 Including installed in machine
4 Character box T10A 2 Including installed in machine
5 Characters T10A 1 Including installed in machine
6 Punch head nut 40Cr 3 Including installed in machine
7 Upper claw T10A 3  Including installed in machine
8 Nether claw T10A 3  Including installed in machine
9 Proximity switch Normal open 1 AUTONICS
10 Proximity switch Normal close 1 AUTONICS
11 Drill holder For TPPD103/104 1 sets Made in China
12 Linear bearing of clamps 1  
13 Oil window 3  
14 Guide key of drilling spindle 2  
15 Air connectors/Pipe joints 1 set  
16 Tools 1 set For installation
17 Spanner for punch head 1 For installation
18 Spanner for double nipple 2 For installation
19 Standby paint 1 1pail for main color and 1pail for warning color
20 Operation Manual 2 sets  

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